By simply, but consciously choosing peace in every situation in my life has made a profound difference in how I see the world. I literally laugh at how this is working for me! I have deeper connections with others, find more beauty in the world, there are more doors opening for me and I am truly blessed in ways I never would have thought.
Give it a try. What can it hurt, right?

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Crossing Over

I have had two profound events in which I felt that I had literally crossed over to another dimension. You might say that I was dreaming, but both times they felt as if it were as real as this waking moment is now. Only I know how it felt and what I believe. You are certainly allowed your opinions. All I know is that my parents are no longer living on this Earth in 3rd dimension.

I was in the presence of my father only the first time. We hugged and I literally felt him! He felt tangible, solid and the flow of love went between us. I was so happy to see him and was crying tears of joy. He spoke to me and then… slam! I was back in my body. My face was wet with my tears and I was not very happy that our visit was cut so short.

The second event occurred with my father, my mother and my favorite childhood pet cat. Hugs all around (felt them physically) and a nice petting session with Sam (the cat). We had a longer conversation regarding me being able to stay with them and then they took me to a room where I was to view my life. I was told that I would be able to see what I am here to do. My initial thought was, “Oh, this could be embarassing!”

It was like watching a video of me on a super large screen TV and as relaxed as watching a movie while munching on popcorn. I witnessed myself playing as a little girl, growing into the angst of junior high and then my young teen self looked directly at the adult me and laughed, “Wasn’t that just so silly?”

The viewing seem to skip quickly to young motherhood with four children surrounding me. Unfortunately, that is all I can recall. I came back to myself in this “reality” and again was disappointed that I wasn’t able to see or understand what I am here for.

Perhaps there will be additional visits and crossing over experiences. I certainly hope so. And, whatever they were, I am grateful for having had them.

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Getting Back On Track

It’s funny how a person (me, in particular) can allow themselves to get sidetracked by “stuff”: work, family, politics, money, belongings, etc. I’ve repeated the phrase my whole life “It’s just stuff.” But recently I had an experience that made me question how much value I have put on the stuff in my own life.

My bicycle was stolen. I knew two days before that something was going to happen to my bicycle. It came as a random thought, out of nowhere for no particular reason other than I had a feeling, a premonition. When I discovered the theft I reported it to the authorities who responded, did their jobs, etc. and my bike was actually recovered one week later. Here is where I was brought face to face with my belief of “stuff is just stuff”.

When I picked up my bike from the sheriff’s office, I saw that the thief had stripped it of all the extras I had put on it, had broken a brake cable, scratched it up, etc. It wasn’t returned to me in the shape I had kept it in. And I got angry. Now the violation of the break in and the theft became real and I was angry.

My reaction truly surprised me and I tried in vain to justify it. I wondered how I would have felt if everything I owned had been stollen. I don’t know. Where was the anger coming from?

I believe that any emotion other than love is fear. So my anger was based on some fear. Maybe that I realized that I was vulnerable, that I had lost some of my power, that any respect or kindness I have shown or felt towards the homeless (that’s who was in possession of my bike) had been fruitless? Maybe I just needed the gentle push to examine myself again.

Thanks, Universe/Angels/Guides for bringing me gentle lessons that bring me back on track to remembering what is truly important in life and what is “just stuff.”

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Finding the Love Within

Years ago I was blessed with information from angels which became a self-guided workbook for learning to love yourself. Now I am “going public” in sharing some of this information and more in lectures. I will be speaking at the Mendocino Goddess Festival November 11 (Friday) from 2pm to 2:45pm at Hill House. I feel a deep sense of gratitude to be doing this, a knowing that I may be a small part of helping others find a love of self that they have not felt before.

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Go Within

This is such a crazy time right now. So much information being spread that creates fear and dread. It doesn’t have to be this way. You get to choose who and what to believe, you get to choose if you want to be afraid or not. You get to choose you own path. That is the beauty of freedom. My advice: listen to your heart, follow what makes your heart sing and soar, choose that which brings you closer to love and let go of the fear. Take care of today. Yes, the future can be uncertain. Today is all we have. Sometimes it is only a moment that we have to reach out to others, to share a hug or a smile. If we can stay calm and centered, that energy has the potential to help another. Don’t give in to fear. Be love and light. I send this to all of you, to all of the world. May we find our own peace and joy.

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I wrote lyrics for a song about freedom for a friend that plays guitar at a non-denominational church. I felt it might be nice to share these with you. Enjoy>

Freedom is a word that speaks
To the heart of everyone
The striving of the soul
To be free to have our
Place in the sun

Our souls long to soar
Among the stars
But control and fears
May have left us
With deep scars

We want to be
Free to speak, free to sing,
Free to be
Free to move, free to pray
Free to be

We can learn to love
The differences we see
And learn to live together
In a world where
There is peace

We want to be
Free to hope, free to grow
Free to be
Free to dance, free to live
Free to be

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Pray for Japan

Now is the time to invoke prayers and send healing energy to anyone and everyone who has been affected. We are all connected. Please join with me in visualizing love and peace from our hearts to theirs. Also, contribute money if you are guided to do so.

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Intuition, faith and knowing

There’s a phenomenon called “mothers’ intuition”, that feeling or message that comes from within, that absolute knowing that something happened or is about to happen. It can be a lifesaver. It is a blessing to feel and to witness. It is undeniable and can be indescribable.

I know that when I have experienced this, it has been profound and I am ever grateful. I believe the more this happens, the more I acknowledge and act on it (if necessary), then it will be there even stronger.

I have been reflecting on my goals, desires and dreams, and some of them I know will come to pass. The intuition or message from within me tells me this is so. It is somewhat like “mothers’ intuition”, but more profound. Do I know when or how they will come about? Nope. But this does not stop me or cause me to lose my faith.

A Course in Miracles guides us to put faith in our goals and dreams. If we lack faith, ask to have it restored. There is no problem in any situation that faith will not solve. Then, the strength we gain will carry us through. The goal of truth requires faith.

What do you want to come of the situations in your life? What is it you want to see happen with your goals? Do you just drift around, waiting for things to happen or guidance to come? How about placing a more concrete outcome to your goals in your mind, with a touch of faith.

I choose to believe, to KNOW that my goals and dreams are in perfect order, with nothing standing in the way of the outcome I see, the outcome I KNOW will happen. It puts a smile on my face and I feel the strength within me that carries me through. My heart grows with gratitude of what is to come and the beauty in my life right now.

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9th Wave

The Mayan Calendar is an invaluable source of information that was divinely preserved that we may benefit from it at this most important time. The 9th Wave beginning will be March 9th of this year. What an incredible time to be here on Earth and experience the changes that are occurring and will be taking place.

Where will you be that day? Will you be celebrating the changes, becoming a part of them, sharing your energy to assist in creating a wonderful new world?

I have chosen to be part of a celebration with Mayan and Andean shaman in Mexico. I look forward to sharing my energy and prayers with like-minded people, sending forth my hope that we, as people occupying this planet, will create peace and harmony.

If you would like any information regarding the event I will be attending, please contact me through this site. It is not too late to sign up and go. Let yourself be guided by spirit to where and how you move forward. Staying put in the old energy, in my opinion, will not be an option.

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Inner Guidance

How do you receive guidance? Do you look to others to tell you what to do next? Do you take advice from strangers? Do you rely on horoscopes or readings? These methods may be helpful, but I believe we have our own answers within us.

Although the world and well-meaning people may offer good advice and direction, I find more than ever that listening quietly and meditatively that answers come to me from within. As important it can be to speak aloud the issues or simply vent, we are ultimately responsible to guide our own ship. We alone face the consequences of our decisions and the direction our life takes. That is why I feel it is so important to take time to listen to our hearts and finding the answers from a place of peace.

I believe that many our answers can come from within. Taking whatever time it takes to get the answers and direction we seek is essential. And when we act on even the simple feeling we get, then it gets easier to recognize the next one. It is as if a door is becoming more and more open and the sunlight comes flooding in.

My advice: do your best to quiet the crazy, random thoughts in your mind through meditation, guided imagery, whatever. Then guidance and answers can come to you. Try the quiet time when drifting off to sleep or the first consciousness upon awakening.

Don’t give up. You can always write your options or questions down, exploring how each sentence makes you feel, making notes about your feelings, etc. Perhaps you could talk to yourself, taking the role of a trusted friend in response to your questions or concerns.

Inspiration can come, answers are there.

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