Staying in the Moment

I have traditionally not been much of a fan of the fall season, mainly because it reminds me that winter is coming. Snow, sleet, driving on slick roads, shoveling snow, being cold, less daylight hours… my list goes on and on why winter in a four seasoned climate is my least favorite of all.

Now is my lesson to stay in the moment, enjoy the time I have right now. Every day can be beautiful in its own way.

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2 Responses to Staying in the Moment

  1. kristin says:

    Awww Winter! Although winter has it’s down side like you said, it can also be a time of hybernation, going within and reflecting and creating the up and coming year. But there is nothing like it when we have that gentle snowfall with the great big fat fluffy flakes with no wind but the silent and stillness. Standing in a nice warm house watching the snow fall leaving a blanket of purity, being greatful for the warmth and security within. I take a moment and breath in this peace allowing for the gratefullyness to fill me. and in that moment I know that ‘all is well’. Then I get my coat and boots and gloves on and head for the door to shovel the walks. That moment of knowingness still with me. Life is good!

    • admin says:

      Indeed, but I fight becoming complacent and lazy…lol! It can be a beautiful time to connect with yourself because there may be less attention in the world to distract us from our own soul work and bliss.

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