Crossing Over

Most people do not have the luxury of knowing when they will leave this existence and continue their soul journey in a different way. A sudden parting from my sister’s partner occurred after he was able to share his love in written form. She was not there.

Of course, these things happen and the sadness and regrets come to mind when we think of those we love that we have not shared our deepest thoughts, our time and our love with.

My message to the those I love (and cannot tell them for whatever reason) is now and always sent to the Universe, to be carried on the wings of angels and gently delivered to their souls. My deepest wish is that they receive it and the knowing that it is sincere and eternal.

God’s blessings on my sister and all who grieve…

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One Response to Crossing Over

  1. I love it and believe me, from my own experience with the love you have sent to me through angels, I knew they were there. I felt your love and you did not have to “say” a word! The power of thought being sent with honesty and pure love, I believe is picked up by our Guardian Angels to be delivered.

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