Inner Guidance

How do you receive guidance? Do you look to others to tell you what to do next? Do you take advice from strangers? Do you rely on horoscopes or readings? These methods may be helpful, but I believe we have our own answers within us.

Although the world and well-meaning people may offer good advice and direction, I find more than ever that listening quietly and meditatively that answers come to me from within. As important it can be to speak aloud the issues or simply vent, we are ultimately responsible to guide our own ship. We alone face the consequences of our decisions and the direction our life takes. That is why I feel it is so important to take time to listen to our hearts and finding the answers from a place of peace.

I believe that many our answers can come from within. Taking whatever time it takes to get the answers and direction we seek is essential. And when we act on even the simple feeling we get, then it gets easier to recognize the next one. It is as if a door is becoming more and more open and the sunlight comes flooding in.

My advice: do your best to quiet the crazy, random thoughts in your mind through meditation, guided imagery, whatever. Then guidance and answers can come to you. Try the quiet time when drifting off to sleep or the first consciousness upon awakening.

Don’t give up. You can always write your options or questions down, exploring how each sentence makes you feel, making notes about your feelings, etc. Perhaps you could talk to yourself, taking the role of a trusted friend in response to your questions or concerns.

Inspiration can come, answers are there.

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