Intuition, faith and knowing

There’s a phenomenon called “mothers’ intuition”, that feeling or message that comes from within, that absolute knowing that something happened or is about to happen. It can be a lifesaver. It is a blessing to feel and to witness. It is undeniable and can be indescribable.

I know that when I have experienced this, it has been profound and I am ever grateful. I believe the more this happens, the more I acknowledge and act on it (if necessary), then it will be there even stronger.

I have been reflecting on my goals, desires and dreams, and some of them I know will come to pass. The intuition or message from within me tells me this is so. It is somewhat like “mothers’ intuition”, but more profound. Do I know when or how they will come about? Nope. But this does not stop me or cause me to lose my faith.

A Course in Miracles guides us to put faith in our goals and dreams. If we lack faith, ask to have it restored. There is no problem in any situation that faith will not solve. Then, the strength we gain will carry us through. The goal of truth requires faith.

What do you want to come of the situations in your life? What is it you want to see happen with your goals? Do you just drift around, waiting for things to happen or guidance to come? How about placing a more concrete outcome to your goals in your mind, with a touch of faith.

I choose to believe, to KNOW that my goals and dreams are in perfect order, with nothing standing in the way of the outcome I see, the outcome I KNOW will happen. It puts a smile on my face and I feel the strength within me that carries me through. My heart grows with gratitude of what is to come and the beauty in my life right now.

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