Go Within

This is such a crazy time right now. So much information being spread that creates fear and dread. It doesn’t have to be this way. You get to choose who and what to believe, you get to choose if you want to be afraid or not. You get to choose you own path. That is the beauty of freedom. My advice: listen to your heart, follow what makes your heart sing and soar, choose that which brings you closer to love and let go of the fear. Take care of today. Yes, the future can be uncertain. Today is all we have. Sometimes it is only a moment that we have to reach out to others, to share a hug or a smile. If we can stay calm and centered, that energy has the potential to help another. Don’t give in to fear. Be love and light. I send this to all of you, to all of the world. May we find our own peace and joy.

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