Crossing Over

I have had two profound events in which I felt that I had literally crossed over to another dimension. You might say that I was dreaming, but both times they felt as if it were as real as this waking moment is now. Only I know how it felt and what I believe. You are certainly allowed your opinions. All I know is that my parents are no longer living on this Earth in 3rd dimension.

I was in the presence of my father only the first time. We hugged and I literally felt him! He felt tangible, solid and the flow of love went between us. I was so happy to see him and was crying tears of joy. He spoke to me and then… slam! I was back in my body. My face was wet with my tears and I was not very happy that our visit was cut so short.

The second event occurred with my father, my mother and my favorite childhood pet cat. Hugs all around (felt them physically) and a nice petting session with Sam (the cat). We had a longer conversation regarding me being able to stay with them and then they took me to a room where I was to view my life. I was told that I would be able to see what I am here to do. My initial thought was, “Oh, this could be embarassing!”

It was like watching a video of me on a super large screen TV and as relaxed as watching a movie while munching on popcorn. I witnessed myself playing as a little girl, growing into the angst of junior high and then my young teen self looked directly at the adult me and laughed, “Wasn’t that just so silly?”

The viewing seem to skip quickly to young motherhood with four children surrounding me. Unfortunately, that is all I can recall. I came back to myself in this “reality” and again was disappointed that I wasn’t able to see or understand what I am here for.

Perhaps there will be additional visits and crossing over experiences. I certainly hope so. And, whatever they were, I am grateful for having had them.

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