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Author of Preflight

Patti Angeletti

I have been a seeker of the deeper meaning of life from a very early age. I knew there had to be more to understanding the world and people based on what you could see, touch or hear. I would glean what I could from the pages of the few books I could find in school and public libraries regarding metaphysical subjects, unsatisfied at the meager volumes they employed. I also began collecting poetry that caused me to think, words and works that created feelings more than the superficial first impression. I found that I could also write poetry and prose. It has been a satisfying way of expressing my thoughts and has helped me to make sense of life and love, a way to heal, purge or simply share something from inside of me.

I possess what I call a “jukebox” in my head that plays an eclectic playlist. As a teenager I would find myself sharing my own songs with the seagulls and sky while driving the tractor on the family farm. As tunes and lyrics come to my mind, I am sometimes able to write them down in less than 10 minutes. Inspiration does not always come at convenient times. I have written on napkins in restaurants, on postit notes while walking down the street and on envelopes at traffic lights. Many of the songs I have written have been lighthearted and mainstream, played by my close friends in garage bands. They have even recorded a few.

In the past decade I have had the privilege of knowing many gifted psychics and healers. They have shared with me their knowledge and wisdom, which has allowed my soul to dig even deeper into the “unknown” and contemplate my own belief system, my own knowing, my own truths. I studied a variety of topics and discovered my connection to the angelic realm to be one that makes my soul sing and brings me profound peace. It was through channeling the angels that I was able to write and publish my first book, Rising Above Organized Religion: The Journey To The Higher View.

The idea for Preflight and subsequent books in this series came to me after I had read several books regarding reincarnation, soul agreements and contracts, life in the spirit world, etc. It occurred to me that the concepts of new age and metaphysical ideas could be brought to the masses in a way that was more easily understood and perhaps closer to home. Preflight may be enjoyed as pure fantasy or taken to a deeper level of understanding of our roles in each others lives and the creation of our own realities as souls having a human experience and recognizing a Higher Power that is a part of everything.

Music seemed a natural thing to be included in Preflight. The songs came to my mind quickly and joyfully. There is nothing like music to bring people together. I am grateful to my talented and gifted musicians and singers who understood my vision and joined me for this first venture.

Boise, Idaho is my current residence. I enjoy the company of four children, two grandchildren and a puppy named Nick. When I am not caring for the sick and injured in my full-time work as a registered nurse, I travel to diverse places that the Earth has to share with us.

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