Dreams vs Reality

Have you ever awakened from a dream that seemed so real and tangible that you can hardly believe you were dreaming? I have had a few of those in my life. Some were “wake up calls,” others were remembrances. The most recent one was one of a possible future event (or just incredible wishful thinking). It was joyful and I very much wanted to go back to sleep and live there.
Do I absolutely know that the dream will come true? No. But a wise friend I shared the dream gave me this advice: Hold the feeling.
That is exactly what I will do when I find myself slipping into the reality of this dimension, whatever that is. I will stay in the moment and cherish the dream, for that is all I can do.

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Crossing Over

Most people do not have the luxury of knowing when they will leave this existence and continue their soul journey in a different way. A sudden parting from my sister’s partner occurred after he was able to share his love in written form. She was not there.

Of course, these things happen and the sadness and regrets come to mind when we think of those we love that we have not shared our deepest thoughts, our time and our love with.

My message to the those I love (and cannot tell them for whatever reason) is now and always sent to the Universe, to be carried on the wings of angels and gently delivered to their souls. My deepest wish is that they receive it and the knowing that it is sincere and eternal.

God’s blessings on my sister and all who grieve…

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My brother recently visited. We have not been very close through the years and it had been six years since I had seen him. He made the effort to drive several hours and take time from his vacation. He only spent one day, but I feel that we were able to reconnect in a very positive, loving and accepting way. It warmed my heart and I was (and am) grateful for the time we had. Even though we have a very different belief system, our bond as family was there and that was all that mattered. Thanks, Doug! Love you…
Now that the holidays are here, it seems to bring out the sentimental in us. Are your thoughts bringing you to forgiveness of another? A reconnection of hearts? A hope for a better relationship?

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Witnessing the eclipse

What a beautiful site it was from my vantage point on the deck behind my house and sharing it with family. And it was bright and clear with no wind. I was truly grateful that it wasn’t extremely cold!

What was your experience?

I participated online with a prayer and activation with the intention of service, an open heart and clarity. My hope is to remember our connection as One. If everyone on Earth thought even for a moment that we are all connected, think of what we could accomplish! If we want world peace, this seems to be a beautiful and simple way to accomplish it.

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Travel and adventure

I will be finding myself enjoying the sunshine in another part of the world tomorrow. I will explore Mayan ruins, swim with dolphins and swim in underground rivers. I will prepare myself and hope to understand more about the transformation of consciousness and changes in the world leading to December 21, 2012 with joy and acceptance. I will be a positive force and energy in the world, continuing to share my music and messages of lessons, love and hope. Namaste, World!

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What would you do?

If it was possible to go back in time and “fix” anything, what would you do? How do you heal the past and make your present a better place to be?

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Staying in the Moment

I have traditionally not been much of a fan of the fall season, mainly because it reminds me that winter is coming. Snow, sleet, driving on slick roads, shoveling snow, being cold, less daylight hours… my list goes on and on why winter in a four seasoned climate is my least favorite of all.

Now is my lesson to stay in the moment, enjoy the time I have right now. Every day can be beautiful in its own way.

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Practicing Zen Video on YouTube

From my next book Landing: A Soul Embarks on a Life on Earth. Lyrics by Patti Angeletti. Music by Frank Casian, Hugh Connolly and Sean Van Buskirk. Vocals by Hugh Connolly. Recorded at Old School Studio, Caspar, CA by Calvin Turnbull.

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Welcome to StarryAngel Blog

Patti will be starting some new Blog posts soon!

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